Klop The Addictive Outdoor Game

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Klop. It sounds like its played. A diverse and punchy outdoor timber game that is more addictive than Angry Birds and as tactical as Chess.

What's Included?

  • 12 Numbered Pins
  • 1 Chuck
  • Rule & Scoring Book



SET UP - Mark a line and set the pegs 3-4 m in front of the line.

SCORING - Take turns throwing chuck, underarm, at the pegs. Once chuck has hit a few pegs stand the pegs up where they fall. If more than one peg is knocked over, you score one point for each peg knocked over. Hit five pegs and you get five points. If a single peg is knocked over, you score the number on that peg. Hit the number ten peg and you get ten points. If no pegs are hit, you score a strike.

STRIKE - If you miss three turns in a row, you are out of the game.

WINNING - The first player to score exactly 50 points wins. If you go over 50, your score goes back to 25 and the next player takes their turn.


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