BABYink® Colour Inkless Print Kit + Double Frame Keepsake - Various Colours

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This gorgeous classic white frame is the perfect way to show off your BABYink® prints. 

The frame has a thick white bevelled mat with two cut outs of 5x7" and glass front, perfect for a photo enlargement alongside your little one's hand or footprints.  

Simply take your prints, customise them with your child's details (these can be run through your computer or simply handwritten alongside the prints) and pop them into the frame behind the mat. 

About the inkless kit:

Mess Free, Ink- less and safe to use from birth. BABYink® is the perfect way to capture those special hand and footprints! 

Exclusive COLOUR inkless printing technology creates prints in vivid pink blue and soft grey. The combination of the wipe and special paper creates prints like magic!

Draw or print on the paper! - it's double sided! Our paper is clean, no watermark or logo.

Kit includes:

1 x Non-toxic inkless wipe.

4 x Double sided A5 special paper to make the prints.

If the instructions are followed correctly - the kit can achieve between 4 - 8 prints.

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