American Sports Talking Bottle Openers


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These talking bottle openers will be sure to please any enthusiast of great American sports.

Imagine your friends are coming to your place for a few drinks.

The beers are on ice, the barbecue is fired up, the meat is flaming and the game is on TV. Your friends are about to arrive but you know you need to do something unique to wow them.

To get them fired up for a big night and plenty of laughs.

What do you do?

Introducing The Coolest Bottle Openers Ever Made - Bottlepops!

Each Bottlepop bottle opener features up to 25 entertaining unique sounds designed to look and feel just like the real game!

So your friends have now arrived ...

Simply grab a beer from the cooler and hand it to them with a Bottlepop as they walk through the door. Then watch their faces react in amazement as the simple push down 'POP' functionality opens their beer with ease and automatically triggers a hilarious sound file.

You and your friends are guaranteed to laugh all night. Your party will be the talking point for years to come and your friends will be begging you to tell them where they can buy one for themselves!

Bottlepops work on all bottle types (twist-offs, crown caps and fixed caps) and they are so portable that you can take them with you for tailgating, barbecues or just around to your friends house.

We guarantee you will want to buy one of each of the 25 styles!

How do we know?

Because once our customers see that not only are these bottle openers the most fun they have used but they are also the highest quality, they are so thrilled that they rush back to buy more. It was our existing customers that demanded us to create the triple pack!

So go on, get your friends laughing and make your next barbecue the talking point for years to come!

What's Included?

  • Baseball Talking Bottlepop
  • American Football Talking Bottlepop
  • Basketball Talking Bottlepop


  • Simply push down and pop the beer open to be entertained
  • Each Bottlepop features up to 25 sporting sound files played randomly per use offering hours of fun and entertainment
  • Bottlepops can also be used for American sport collectible items too, as they look and feel like real sporting balls


Deliveries to capital cities such as Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Adelaide, and Perth, within Australia, will take 2-5 working days. It will take 2 -10 days for remote locations. 

More about Bottlepops, as featured on Channel Ten's Shark Tank Australia, Series 1 Episode 6 and Series 2 Episode 3

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