Ready, Set, Race!

Your monthly magazine: Issue 0013

A Day at the Races

The history of racing in Australia began around 1810 in Sydney, with the first official race meeting ever held taking place in Hyde Park. Racing has always been regarded with an air of celebration and elegance in Australia, and we are absolutely hooked. 

From the moment of you arrive the air is electric. The scent of champagne tickles the nose, the adrenalin of the race runs through our veins and the danger of the bet is on! Women glide past like rare exotic birds. Swathed in their best dresses and out to impress. The sound of 6-inch heels click, click, clicking is almost like a drum beat… The race is about to begin.



Voices are raised, people squeeze past, the last bets are going on. The waft of perfume mingles with the scent of freshly cut grass and men stand tall and proud in their Sunday best.

“The horses are out” someone whispers, and the crowd turns as one in silent reverie to see the majestic creatures stream out of the gates. The jockeys perch high and mighty, clothed in magnificent colours, anxious to begin. The horses toss their heads, prancing like boxers on their toes. They circle, round and back… suddenly the gates close. They are in… they are ready.  


BANG! The race is off, their hooves thunder down the track, the crowd goes wild, the sound is deafening. Time freezes and everything seems to move in slow motion. Bondi Beach is ahead by a nose, “C’mon Bondi!” the crowd chants! It is the last lap and as the horses tear around the bend it is as if they grow wings, on and on they run, faster and faster. The beauty of the horses, the theatre of the crowd, the rush of the race... 

First, second, third...they shoot over the line! A cheer explodes from the crowd, who are wild from the win. The jockeys victorious, throw their hands around their horses necks. “Trifecta” a voice in the crowd yells triumphantly and champagne glasses appear magically amongst the sea of waving hands. The sun shines down, the sky is a turquoise blue, no clouds to be seen. It is the ultimate perfect day at the races.

Here at Wrapped we want you to look and feel your absolute best this race day, so here are our top 5 favourite picks! 

Our absolute must for this season is the gorgeous Personalised Black Leather Pouch! Because what says superstar more than a unique leather clutch with your own initials embossed on the front in gold! Why not team it with the ‘Tis The Season to Sparkle’ Nail Polish in this gorgeous rose gold shade? To truly stand out from the crowd, you could become your own fashion icon by Designing Your Own Heels.


We haven't forgotten about our dapper fellas either. This race day why not give Ryan Gosling a run for his money with some Personalised Gold Cufflinks perfect on a crisply ironed shirt. Later on, if you are in a winning mood, why not flash some cash with a Monogrammed Money Clip and become the envy of every wallet holder there!



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