Gift inspiration for October birthdays

Your monthly magazine: Issue 0008

Another month, another gift inspiration blog! We’re on to the month of October, and spring is well and truly on the way. Whether they are a gentle and kind Libra or more of a strong-willed and mysterious Scorpio, we’ve had a look and collated the gifts that we know they are going to love.

Individuals born in October get to choose between two birthstones—tourmaline and opal. Each gem unveils nearly limitless possibilities, as each one comes in a rainbow of shades and colour combinations. In fact, both of October’s birthstones came to earth through a journey involving rainbows, according to legend. Between tourmaline (whose colour depends on trace elements in its chemical makeup) and opal (which diffracts light to show a play of multiple colours), October’s birthstones offer a full spectrum of gems to suit anyone’s personal tastes. To match in with the rainbow of custom colours relating to their birthstone, they are bound to love this Rainbow Butterfly Ball print. If they are not a fan of rainbow colours, there is also a custom option which allows you to choose your own colour scheme!


The individuals born between 1st and 22nd October are influenced by the sun sign of Libra. They are blessed with beauty – both inside and out – as well as charm. To play to their beauty, take a look at our gorgeous kits from ModelCo. This Ultimate Complexion Perfection Pack is bound to make their day. These people are also extremely motivated and achieve great heights in their career, owing to their beguiling personality and sense of diplomacy. Libra is considered to be an air sign which gives these people constant mental stimuli, strong intellect and a keen mind. This Personalised Book Subscription from Bookabuy is a great way to help out an indecisive Libra, simply choose the kind of genre’s you think your friend would be interested in and the rest is sorted!


The planet ruling the sign of Libra is Venus, making these people great lovers but also fond of expensive, material things. Our Mon Purse Collection may be in the upper end of your price range, but boy, are they worth it! The quality of their bags and purses is second to none and they will last for years. Not to mention they can be personalised with names and initials. 


Their lives need to be enriched by music, art, food and beautiful places they get a chance to visit. These Smudge Publishing books will satisfy their taste for food from beautiful places around Australia.


Now for those falling into the Scorpio star sign – born anytime in October from 23rd onwards. Scorpios are a bit more dark and secretive than their birth-month neighbours. They enjoy a good puzzle that loves to be solved, so why not get them a Personalised Jigsaw Puzzle with one of their favourite pictures and get them to fit the pieces together? A Scorpio also loves to appear a bit mysterious so some sunnies from Oscar & Frank is a great idea. Just make sure that you go for a dark and moody colour so that they can keep their mysterious allure.


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